Business Needs & Software

Business have different functions and needs over time. With continued adoption of technological solutions in business as well as advancement in technology, businesses are automating different processes to make it easier for the business owner to run the business in the absence of technical knowhow in different departments. However, the software should be customised to meet the specific needs of the business for optimal benefits. This kind of customised software is referred to as bespoke business software.

Benefits of using software in business

Software automates different business tasks, which subsequently frees up time for the staff members to cater to other tasks especially those that cannot be automated. This may also lead to savings on the cost of labour as businesses may lay off unnecessary workers over time. Software may also be used to simplify technical tasks such that non-technical personnel can oversee these tasks with minimal supervision. Software can also be a source of competitive advantage in the market by improving efficiency, improving accuracy in tasks and increasing the speed of service delivery.

Business Processes Automation

rebate management is one of the processes that businesses can automate. It includes tracking of supplier details such as business agreements, purchases and sales with respect to agreements, managing accruals and so on. Improvement in the rebate management system increases businesses profitability by increasing the tracking accuracy and efficiency of the system.

Extra information about rebate management

Automating the accounting process may also enhance the accuracy of all records maintained by the business. It improves compliance with the regulatory policies and accounting standards in the market of operation. Accounting records must also be accurate and timely and this can be enhanced through automation. The management team can access financial statements and records within the touch of a button. This provides the information they need to make strategic business decisions with precision and accuracy. Regular upgrade of the accounting software ensures that it is up to date with the latest regulatory policies. 

There are also different Human resource tasks that can be automated through bespoke software. Software that tracks the leave days employees take, abseentism, different performance indicators, complaints launched and so on. Automation of such processes may also reduce levels of laxity among employees, favouritism with respect to approvals of leave and exploitation of employees through denial of leave days.

Identifying what your competitors are up to, regular posting of items on different social media platforms, tracking the traffic on different sites, their return on investment, the level of conversion of different marketing and sales channels can also be automated using bespoke software. The benefits accruing from this include having tangible data that can be used for decision making, ensuring that digital platforms remain updated even in the absence of key personnel, saving time on data mining and knowing your competitors. 

Acquiring Bespoke software

As a business, you must first identify the needs you have and have an idea of the solutions that may resolve this. You then identify different business resources that can be utilised during the automation process such as the financial resources and personnel. The next step should be to identify service providers who can come up with the software needed to perform the identified tasks and negotiate favourable terms and conditions of engagement. Alternatively, the business may identify readymade software then look for a service provider who can customise this software to meet the identified needs.